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Soooooooo…your dreams have come true and you got the ring. Now what? There are 1,899,986 wedding vendors in your area, who do you choose? Who can you trust? Well, after Grandma Jane and Aunt Carol have given you their unsolicited advice (from the 19th century)…let’s get started shall we……

We wanted to create this forum to give brides a chance to plan the wedding of their dreams without killing anyone. Yes, you heard that correct….without killing anyone. Now, we are being facetious of course and how many murders have actually been committed during a bridezilla moment, no one will ever know. We are joking…or are we (cue creepy music)? When you are knee deep in the final RSVP’s and finishing the seating chart and Uncle Joe literally cannot sit next to Aunt Barbara because they hate each other…but are 95 million years old and are still this immature…..Can you not act civilized for a one hour dinner so I do not have to change my entire seating chart because the chargers I chose do not allow 11 people at the table….GOD….Uncle JOE just sit there and be quiet!

Ok, we do not know who Uncle Joe is, but we ALL have an Uncle Joe! We will refrain from falling down that rabbit hole so early in this conversation. HA! We have received many questions of “how to” deal with certain scenarios, so why not publish them for all to learn from, find the humor in it, and know you are not alone. Weddings are beautiful, hard, emotional, and you need to know you have an outlet.

So when you get in sticky situations what do you do? Ask us…..Ask Vanessa. As Wedding Planners, we are the primary mediators in all situations. We are focusing this forum on brides who do not have planners. If you have a planner, they will be the best contact for advice on how to handle situations. Ask us anything….believe me….we have probably heard it or seen it before. Ask us anything in the comments or DM us and we will gladly help you through a situation or how to handle a situation. We will publish anonymously so other brides can learn from your questions.

We cannot wait to get started!



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